Transmission network layout design

Access & Aggregation optimization

Design of optimized Backhaul / Fronthaul physical transmission link connections in a network. Typically the target is optimized utilization of links across a network in order to reduce investment.
A inventory of all used link connections is a part of the result, often valuable by itself.
The result is a cost-optimized transmission network with the requested capacity and resilience.

Cloud RAN optimal pooling of access nodes into Base Band Hotels (BBH) can be added to the Access / fronthaul design. Simoultaneous targets can be Radio performance and resilience at lowest cost. Determination of which access nodes to belong to which BBH pool, and the placement of the BBH has high impact on performance and resource utilization.

Backbone evaluation and design

Design of optimized of physical transmission link connections a Core network. Evaluation of de  facto resilience probabilities is typically made as a pre-study. Base on the actual capacity and resilience state of the network, a design is made to alleviate weaknesses or prepare for expansion in capacity or functionality, e.g. NFV / SDN.

Methods for solutions involve advanced combinatorial optimization and can guarantee significant concrete improvements, independently of techonology or vendor.

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