Design of optimal Access and Backhaul transmission

Netonomics designs the most resource-efficient transmission networks for operators, complying with technical requirements at requested reliability and capacity.

Backhaul is designed using our automated tool which creates investment reduction by selecting the cost-optimal link for each BTS from a network perspective. Resilience is created by designing cost optimal chains so any BTS, cost justified, has dual connections to the network.

Transmission capacity with related technology choices is designed to alleviate bottlenecks, including C-RAN if applicable, with optimized utilization of all physical transmission resources.

Backbone design target is typically to secure capacity and resilience at optimal cost. A pre-study can be made to evaluate of the curent resilience and capacity growth needs. Design for required resilience and capacity at individual link, mesh, IP routing, and coupling levels is made.

Netonomics’ methods are based on system optimization and thorough practical experience. Tailoring to the situation on the ground secures operational gains and savings. Control already at the planning stage of the targets and effects, including an inventory of the transmission design is another benefit.

References with global top operators include optimization of backbone, backhaul, and C-RAN pooling with link design. Netonomics is independent and highly specialized in designing optimal network architectures.

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